Neuralink's Brain Chip Receives FDA Approval for Human Trials 


This breakthrough paves the way for advancements in brain-computer interface technology. 

Neuralink aims to create a direct link between the brain and AI-driven devices, revolutionizing human interaction with technology. 

How Neuralink Works:  

Implanting tiny, flexible electrode threads into the brain allows Neuralink's system to detect and stimulate neural activity, enabling the recording and decoding of signals from individual neurons.

The Surgical Procedure:

Inserting the Neuralink chip and electrode threads requires a precise surgical procedure performed by skilled neurosurgeons.

Neuralink's Human Trials:  

Neuralink is set to address vision deficiency and mobility issues in its initial human trials, following the FDA approval. The selection of volunteers is yet to begin.

Neuralink's FDA approval for human trials is a major step in enhancing human capabilities and transforming human-machine interaction.