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What has changed at Twitter since Elon Musk took over

What has changes at Twitter since Elon Musk took over

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The siege has finally happened as Elon Musk took over Twitter, but the outcomes weren’t mild right from laying off hundreds, to firing Twitter’s top bosses and rolling back a number of features. The list is unending. 

Twitter is expected to do a few dumb things in upcoming months as Musk was infamously quoted saying. And it hasn’t surprised us yet to note that, it wasn’t just a hyperbole he was referring to. 

Elon Musk self-anointed as the rightful owner of the social media platform Twitter quite recently. And since then, the so-called Chief Twit or Tweet Chief has launched several new rules when it comes to re-building his bird’s nest. 

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Image Source: https://www.pcmag.com/news/twitter-to-inactive-users-log-in-or-say-goodbye-to-your-account

Here’s a list of the shocking changes at Twitter on Musk’s arrival.

  • Top bosses chucked, Musk fired erstwhile Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal CFO Ned Segal, and legal affairs chief Vijaya Gadde from the management entirely. 
  • Mass Layoffs Musk chucked over 50% of Twitter’s existing employees and 90% of its India office, although it was later reported that Twitter was calling back most of its staff to rejoin back. 
  • Lost Advertisements quite a few corporate advertiser’s safely distanced from Twitter post the Musk takeover and it included big names with the likes of GM (General Motors), Mondelez International ( better known as the Oreo creators), Pharma giant Pfizer and automobile manufacturer Ford.  Musk later had tweeted about the significant losses left by the advertiser’s abandonment from the platform. He later added on by saying that he wanted the new Twitter to grow as the most respectable advertising platform in the social media world. 
  • Content changes with Musk setting up a dedicated content moderation council with versatile and more diverse open unbiased viewpoints. 
  • Content accuracy assurance Musk exclaimed of making Twitter the most reliable and accurate information platform on the web. 
  • Improving in-app searches, Musk had jokingly remarked that Twitter had an in-app search that was as bad as info seek in 1998s and that he wanted to change that asap. 
  • Adding long form texts to tweets Musk wanted Twitter to serve for all kinds of content creators beyond the 60 characters regime and would soon change that by enabling long form texts to be attached to tweets and later monetized for creators.
  • Vine rebooting. Musk held a massive crowd poll on his Twitter account asking users if they wanted Vine back and over 5 million participants were affirmative in their opinions and that led the new Twitter boss to instruct engineers for a Vine reboot as early as the end of the year.
  • Homepage redirection changes Musk suggested logged out users to be redirected to Twitter’s explore page showcasing trending tweets and quick news bytes.
  • Video monetization– Twitter has been working on a video sharing feature asking users to post videos and charge viewers for it, with the platform charging a share of the proceeds generated from it. 
  • One of the first plans of change was bound to cause an uproar and it surely did. The coveted Twitter blue tick of authenticity was now chargeable at $7.99 for Twitter Blue Subscription plan. So now joining the exclusive club came with a lot of critical flak expressed by a number of celebrities, but nevertheless Musk justified it for good reasons citing it as a cost to run the company. But sadly, the scheme saw a wild mushrooming of fake verified account posts which got suspended as of now. 
  • They also launched a Grey tick authenticator mark for verified official celebrity accounts. But Musk beheaded this “grey official” plan within 48 hours of its release. Nonetheless the gray ticks are still here, however it’s only meant for the media, govt, and limited public figures and not meant for sale.
  • He also banned several fake parody accounts that had gotten verified via the $7.99 feature stint. He also clearly stated that no one’s allowed to parody someone unless it’s clearly stated in words in their account bio and user name as well. On Nov 12 Twitter launched a newly introduced parody subscript. 
  • Mass exodus followed Musk’s ownership of Twitter including many celebs who left the platform willingly. This includes big names like professional wrestler Mick Foley, Grammy stars, Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg and Model Gigi Hadid. The complaint was the platform had turned into a breeding ground for hatred and bigotry. 
  • Musk also reportedly hired his employees from SpaceX and Tesla to look into the codes that run Twitter. Almost 50+ Tesla workers, a few from the Boring company and one from Neuralink have joined Twitter for good. 

Conclusion on changes at Twitter since Musk took over 

Here was the timeline of massive changes that Musk brought in since his acquisition of Twitter late October this year. And the whirlwind doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. 

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