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Here’s everything you need to know about Meta’s social media app Instagram Threads? And what is missing?

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Introduction – Instagram Threads

Social media is an integral part of our lives, connecting us with friends, family, and the world at large. With the rise of Meta (formerly Facebook) as a prominent social media tech giant, the company has introduced a brand-new social media app called Threads or more popularly known as Instagram Threads. 

And here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Threads and explore what might be yet missing from this uniquely innovative platform.

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What is Threads… Instagram Threads?

What Is Threads

Image Source: WeAreTeachers

Threads is Meta’s answer to the growing popularity of instant messaging and private messaging platforms AKA Twitter. 

It is designed to be a companion app to Instagram, focusing primarily on private messaging and sharing with close friends. 

With Threads, Meta aims to create a more intimate and authentic space for users to connect, express themselves, and share everyday experiences.

Close Friends Lists

Instagram Threads

Image Source: Engadget

A unique feature of Threads is the ability to create and manage “close friends” lists. 

This allows users to curate a smaller circle of friends with whom they want to share personal updates more frequently. 

Threads prioritize updates from these close friends, providing a dedicated feed of their posts, stories, and messages. It offers a more focused and private social experience.

Auto Status Updates

Auto Status Update

Image Source: Engadget

Threads take advantage of location and activity tracking to provide automatic status updates. Users can choose to enable this feature, allowing Threads to update their status based on their current location, movement, or even the song they’re listening to. 

This real-time sharing adds a sense of immediacy and spontaneity to the app.

Direct Camera Integration


Image Source: MarTech Series

To encourage more visual communication, Threads seamlessly integrate with the camera on a user’s device. 

Users can easily capture photos and videos directly within the app and quickly share them with their close friends. 

This streamlined process enhances the spontaneity and authenticity of the content shared.

Ephemeral Messaging


Image Source: The Verge

With Threads, Meta embraces the popularity of ephemeral messaging. 

Users can send photos and videos that disappear after being viewed, similar to Snapchat. 

This feature encourages more casual and genuine interactions among friends, without the fear of long-term consequences or excessive permanence.

What’s Missing?

Cross-Platform Compatibility


Image Source: Boardroom 

One significant limitation of Threads is its exclusive integration with Instagram. 

While this approach caters to the massive Instagram user base, it restricts Threads’ potential for broader adoption. 

Extending the app’s compatibility to other social media platforms could enhance its reach and effectiveness.

Advanced Privacy Controls


Image Source: MarTech Series

While Threads emphasizes private sharing, it lacks comprehensive privacy controls. 

Users have limited options to customize who can view their content, potentially leading to accidental oversharing. 

Introducing more granular privacy settings and enhanced content-sharing controls would give users greater confidence in using the app.

Collaborative Features


Image Source: NBC News

Threads mainly focuses on personal updates and one-on-one interactions. 

However, adding collaborative features for group messaging or shared content creation could enhance the app’s appeal and functionality. 

Enabling users to create group threads or collaborate on shared stories would foster more dynamic and engaging conversations.

Content Discovery and Recommendations


Image Source: Techcrunch

Threads currently lack content discovery features beyond close friends’ updates. Implementing a personalized recommendation system based on users’ interests, similar to other social media platforms, could enhance the overall user experience. 

This would enable users to discover new content and connect with like-minded individuals beyond their close friends’ circle.

Parting Thoughts

Threads by Meta surely aims to revolutionize private messaging and create a more intimate social experience. Its focus on close friends and automatic updates does set it apart from other social media apps.

However, there is room for improvement in terms of cross-platform compatibility, advanced privacy controls, collaborative features, and content discovery. 

By addressing these missing arenas, Meta can probably take Threads to newer heights, catering to a much wider audience while maintaining its commitment to empower privacy and personal connections.

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