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Upcoming changes to twitter

The upcoming changes to Twitter ‘For You’ page will mostly limit the tweets displayed to those from paying subscriber

Upcoming Changes to Twitter 

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The inevitable has arrived.

Changes to Twitter: Twitter’s newly hilt CEO Elon Musk made a smacking announcement of stating that only lonesome tweets selected exclusively from verified accounts will get a chance to slide through on the social media’s handpicked timeline next month onwards.

This step comes as a strategic revenue plan that aims at most assuredly restricting Twitter only and exclusively to its paid users as the social media giant decides to tag off verified badges and ticks from OG “legacy” users that are not subscribed to the Twitter Blue plan that comes for a monthly fee. Changes to Twitter

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What really happened at Twitter

Upcoming Changes To Twitter

Image Source: eloutput
  • It all started with a tweet, CEO Musk stated that only subscribed verified accounts can be deemed “eligible” to feature in the brand new Twitter’s “For You” ideal recommendations timeline page, starting this April 15.
  • The Twittering chieftain further explained that this modification was the “logically realistic plan to target those super power AI bot deluges from flooding over in Twitter land. 
  • Chieftain Musk even added the vote options in the Tweet polls to also mandate a double check verification prior going forward, a vehemently unbiased change he had erstwhile plans of carrying out. 
  • Twitter land wild Peugh, allow in those “verified subscription bot accounts” that would still follow the social media’s stone etched terms of service and not intend to impersonate or dupe for humans, nonetheless he hasn’t yet cleared out if these tweets from the boy accounts will feature on the For You page timeline. Any guesses?? 
  • The For You exclusive page is the now default timeline for the platform users, if not they have gone in manually to select over the “Following” tab thingy, that would only feature tweets from the accounts they have been following in Twitter Land’s classical back time post chronology.


Upcoming Changes To Twitter

Image Source: kanthalaraghu

Initiating this change to Twitter land will be now only recommending verified tweets from the subscription accounts intending to  either pay up for that coveted Twitter Blue, or belong to large scale organizations and  megalomaniac brands who’ve earned a gold stamped verification badger or are top rank government officials and political entities endowed with a slick gray verification badger.

Twitter land also proclaimed that it will be chopping off its erstwhile “legacy” verification program and dump old school users who were previously verified under this old program criterions—thar which had actually involved the real verification of an individual id in Changes to Twitter— they would supposedly force to lose all their blue tick marks starting on April 1st. 

Prior to Musk’s takeover, Twitter’s verification program was free, and it gave notable accounts—including politicians, companies, celebrities, influencers, journalists and government entities—a verification badge after authenticating them. 

Twitter Blue, on the other hand, limits the badge to users who pay for its $8 per month subscription and only requires a phone number.

The changes to twitter, scheduled to begin on April Fool’s Day, could trigger chaos and enable impersonator accounts to run rampant.


Upcoming Changes To Twitter

Image Source: techcrunch

It’s approx. 290,000. That’s right, roughly 290,000 accounts Will have to cash in and start paying for that coveted Twitter Blue subscription planner even as of  February this year, according to some insider’s news and citations from the social media’s internal documentation.

Out of these, around a whopping 180,000 subscribers alone were straight in from the  US homeland.

That is less ideal rather than 0.2% of social media’s average active users in the US. Whoof.

The Future Curve- Winds of changes to twitter

Upcoming Changes To Twitter

Image Source: thedailycougar

News has it that some media buffs had earlier reported Changes to Twitter that the so-called Twitter bubble is internally maintaining a full list of about 35 new OG VIP celebrity users, that are intentionally allowed for some “heightened appearance and visibility” on the social media buzzes, along with the Twitter king Musk’s account.

While referencing these so-called leaked internal Twitter documents, Changes to Twitter the news had it that the exclusive neo Twitter legacy list had a mixed bag of celebrities, OG Twitter trollers, famous politicians, OG influencers and Super athletes, reiterating to the fact that there are no one major criteria or eligibility checks for inclusivity on this list.

As the tinsel town rumors have it that up on the list are famed basketball superstar Lebron James, Changes to Twitter the well-known conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Changes to Twitter the oh-so liberal lawmaker Rep.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the US President himself Joe Biden, the Zillionaire YouTuber Mr. Beast, Twitter investors and venture capitalists Marc Andreessen, the much-needed right-wing troller accounts of @catturd2, and the satirical absurdist’s standup account @dril, among others.

Elon Musk recently made a change to the Twitter logo, transforming it into an ‘x’.

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